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Anti-rabies vaccination is available at Maxicare’s Primary Care Clinics


Animal Bite

Have you been bitten or scratched by a dog or cat? Is the wound shallow? Is it bleeding? Where is it located?

When to go to Maxicare’s Primary Care Clinic (PCC)

For mild injuries that are not bleeding, Maxicare members may go directly to a PCC for check-ups and anti-rabies vaccination.

Click here to find the nearest PCC.

With shorter waiting times, friendly doctors and nurses, and exclusive care, Maxicare’s PCCs offer a relaxing healthcare experience for members. 

If you want to make sure that a PCC can handle the injury, you may call any of Maxicare’s 24/7 Teleconsult. Click here for the local hotlines.

When to go to Maxicare’s partner animal bite center

But if the injury is bleeding or located at the head or neck, that is when you need to go to Maxicare’s partner Animal Bite Center for treatment. Call (02) 8582 1900 / (02) 7798 7777 for assistance in locating the nearest one. You may also refer to the table below:


For guidance on how to apply first aid, click here.

To download the list of centers, click here.

Only Corporate, SME, and IF accounts are covered in this program. ​

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