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Watch “Methods to Greatness” – A New Documentary Series Presented by Maxicare


Methods to Greatness


Maxicare, in partnership with serial entrepreneur and best-selling author John Aguilar, proudly presents the premiere of “Methods to Greatness,” an inspiring sports, health, and wellness documentary series.

True to Maxicare’s mission of empowering individuals to live their best lives, “Methods to Greatness” embarks on a captivating global journey. The series features in-depth interviews and engaging interactions with leading experts in life sciences, sports training and recovery, longevity, and biohacking. These insightful discussions aim to uncover the secrets to achieving greatness in mind and body.

In the season premiere, John Aguilar takes viewers on an expedition to Finland to explore why this Nordic nation is renowned as the happiest country in the world. Through his exploration, Aguilar reveals the key factors contributing to Finland’s exceptional well-being and happiness.

“Methods to Greatness” is not just a documentary; it is a guide to unlocking your full potential and living a fulfilling life. Presented by Maxicare, this series is a testament to their commitment to enhancing the health and well-being of their members.

Catch “Methods to Greatness” on ONE News, airing on Cignal TV every Saturday at 4:30 PM, with replays on Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM. Get inspired to live your best life with Maxicare.

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