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Maxicare Kicks Off Campus Visits, Showcases Career Paths in Healthcare


Driving Change: Your Path to Consulting and Healthcare


Maxicare’s inaugural campus visit was held at UP Diliman on May 2, 2024. It featured a career talk titled “Driving Change: Your Path to Consulting and Healthcare.” This event marked the beginning of Maxicare’s forthcoming roadshows.

Kurleigh Gacutan, Maxicare’s Chief Strategy Officer, eagerly revisited his alma mater to share updates on the company’s dynamic transformation, highlighting advancements in expansion and technology integration. As Kurleigh highlighted, “We are working on transitioning our portfolio to a significant share of a diversified range of consumer products. This strategic move will propel us into uncharted spaces within the HMO industry, opening doors to new and exciting product concepts.”

He also focused on the company’s transformation: “We will make a multi-million dollar investment in technology, offering an exciting opportunity for those interested in business strategy, data analytics, product management, and IT to engage with Maxicare. By joining the company, the graduating students can contribute to creating our innovative products.”

“Organizationally, we are also striving to become more agile. As part of this effort, we are restructuring some functions to be more flexible and responsive as enablers for our three strategic business units. This extends beyond the healthcare industry, as we partner with businesses within the Equicom Group, the Gokongwei Group, and beyond.” Kurleigh further emphasized the company’s robust approach to innovation and growth.

After Kurliegh spoke about Maxicare’s mission in the healthcare industry and the diverse array of roles and functions available, Fiona Lava-Victoria, the company’s Chief Operating Officer, shared her inspiring success story as a homegrown talent. Fiona herself started as a Sales Executive before rising to her current position.

During the panel discussion, she emphasized, “Healthcare encompasses life’s entire journey, from birth to passing. Although governments and corporations provide partial support, a considerable portion of expenses falls under out-of-pocket spending. Our goal is to become a pivotal player in this expenditure. Rather than individuals shouldering the entire burden, companies like ours create programs to improve healthcare accessibility for Filipinos.”

Maxicare’s core value proposition lies in delivering comprehensive services to its members. Fiona also said, “While some may perceive us as the priciest option, our commitment lies in prioritizing customers not merely as resources but as members and patients deserving of exceptional care. This unwavering focus on patient well-being and customer experience distinguishes Maxicare as a brand.” She elaborated on this while addressing how the company continues to differentiate itself from competitors.

Both speakers enhanced the company’s employer branding by highlighting Maxicare’s agility during and post-pandemic, emphasizing its ability to maintain productivity regardless of staff location and its commitment to respecting professional and personal time. Furthermore, Kurleigh emphasized that “Maxicare doesn’t just provide jobs; it offers opportunities, including the chance to learn through various collaborative channels.”

This collaboration was made possible in cooperation with the UP Career Assistance Program (UP CAP) and co-sponsorship by the Boston Consulting Group.

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