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Comfort and Safety

Our Maxicare Exclusive Wings are an entire floor in an area or hospital designed to give Maxicare members a straight-to-room admission and discharge process while providing easy access to the hospital’s medical practitioners and facilities

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Manage your account

Avoid long lines and long phone calls. Now you can access your plan details and your Letter of Authorization (LOA) with ease through Member Gateway.

  • Access your Primary Care Lab Tests and Diagnostic Results
  • Check your member ID, plan description, number of dependents, and the terms of your plan
  • Access the forms you need including LOA
  • Find Maxicare-affiliated doctors and hospitals
  • File reimbursement claims
  • View transaction summary
A MacBook pro displaying Maxicare member gateway
A MacBook pro displaying Maxicare member gateway

Find doctors, clinics, and hospitals

For faster search results, provide the Doctor’s Specialization, Province, and City

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