Importance of Customer Information Form

09/ 22/ 2016

For hassle – free and on – time processing of transactions such as reimbursement, and in compliance with the Know Your Customer (KYC) policy which requires validation of customer’s identity availing of any financial business, accomplishing the Customer Information Form (CIF) is very essential.

And you can do it online! Go to Maxicare’s website ( and follow the instructions below.


CIF Completion Process Flow

Follow the steps to accomplish the CIF form:


  •      1. Access Maxicare Member Gateway found in Maxicare’s website
  •      2. Click the ‘Sign Up’ button.
  •      3. Fill out the needed initial information.
    1.           a. MaxicareMulifunction Card Number; and,
    2.           b, Date of Birth
  •      4. Fill out all the other necessary information.
  •      5, Click the ‘Review’ button, then the ‘Verify’ button, then lastly the ‘Register’ button
    1.           a. Review and finalize the details before registering.
    2.           b. You will receive an SMS for your security code for your first log in.
  •      6. Log in to Maxicare Member Gateway using the username and password you’ve created.
  •      7. Fill out the Customer Information Form (CIF) online. Make sure to indicate all the necessary updated information.
  •      8. Download the complete CIF Form
  •      9. Print the CIF Form
  •      10. Sign the CIF Form.
  •      11. Scan the signed CIF Form and any valid ID card with signature and photo (front and back of the ID card).
  •      12. Attach the scanned copies of the signed CIF Form and the valid ID card.
    1.           a. Rename the scanned ID card file according to the type of ID card before attaching.
    2.           b. Maximum file size is 5MB and acceptable file types are jpeg, jpg and png only.
  •      13. Click the ‘Submit’ button.
  •      14. To finish your registration, submit the original copy of the signed CIF Form (with the Terms and Conditions page) and the
    copyof the valid ID card to your Human Resources Team/ Maxicare Customer Care Team/ Maxicare office near you.


*The ‘Terms and Conditions’ page should be attached alongside the CIF Form upon submission.

Thank you and we are looking forward to your usual cooperation.


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