Health Allies

09/ 23/ 2016

Maxicare’s commitment to provide you the finest healthcare services extends beyond the  excellent delivery of  medical services as  needed; rather, it is about helping our members  prevent (or delay) the onset of  diseases  and reduce (or manage) the risk of major illnesses.

In partnership with MyHealth Clinics, “Health Allies” was created to promote healthy lifestyle and regular monitoring of key health indicators for better management of one’s well – being. With metabolic diseases, such as increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol level to name a few, as the leading causes  of mortality in the world, there is truly a need to become more aware and, eventually, prevent the prevalence of this ailments.

As your responsible healthcare provider, we highly encourage you to participate in this program. “Health Allies” aims to help you by identifying and achieving health goals, which will aide you in self-managing these chronic diseases. Your membership shall entitle you to a Welcome Kit and discounts on selected health services at MyHealth Clinics with unlimited health coaching and more privileges. This is absolutely free-of-charge.

Please feel free to contact us via the below – listed communication avenues should you have further inquiries or have decided to join this program:





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+632 7798 7770

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