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Hospitals on Full Capacity

03/ 30/ 2020

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Stay Safe and Indoors with Maxicare 24/7 TeleConsu...

03/ 27/ 2020

As we continue to fight the spread of COVID-19, it is the best to stay home to avoid unnecessary exposure to health risks.    We encourage our Maxicare members who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms to call in through 24/7 TeleConsult to verify with our licensed physicians whether or not you need to head to the […]

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Maxicare Member Advisory on COVID-19.

03/ 13/ 2020

COVID-19 poses a serious health challenge for all of us but there is no reason to panic. As a Maxicare member, please refer to the following steps to determine the proper resource to address your health concerns.   If you have one or more of these symptoms, Fever of at least 38C Cough and/or colds […]

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