Maxicare Prima is a clinic – based HMO program for individuals which offers unlimited Outpatient Consultations, and availment of laboratory and diagnostic procedures within Maxicare’s network of Primary Care Centers (PCC). It comes in two (2) variants: the Prima Silver and Prima Gold.

Plan Types

PRIMA Silver –  Php 4,999

For 0 – 59 years old 





PRIMA Gold – Php 12, 999

For 60 years old and above 

With Php 20,000 annual emergency room coverage at all Maxicare- affiliated hospitals nationwide 



Benefits and Coverage

  • Unlimited outpatient consultations with Maxicare Primary Care Center Physicians
    • Coverage for outpatient laboratory and diagnostic procedure requested by Maxicare Primary Care Center physicians

    Example: Laboratories (CBC, Urinalysis, Lipid Studies, Glucose, etc.) X-Ray tests (Chest, Scoliotic, etc.)

    Note: Consultations are limited to Maxicare Primary Care Centers (PCC), Laboratory and diagnostic procedures are available in BGC PCC only.

  • Pre-existing conditions are covered

Where to Buy

  • Maxicare Sales Personnel 
  • Maxicare Tower (Head Office)
  • Maxicare PCC W City Center BGC 

Availment Procedure

  • Purchase (one-time payment only)
  • Receive Voucher (it can be for your personal use or give it as a gift)
  • If  you purchased it from Maxicare Tower, you may immediately register the voucher (which marks day 1 of membership) or you may opt to have your first outpatient availment in the Primary Care Center where frontliners can do the registration for you. (The first availment marks day 1 of your membership)
  • The membership card will be delivered to your nominated address several days after your registration

Important Reminders

  • The PRIMA Silver and PRIMA Gold cards must be presented at all times, alongside one (1) valid government – issued ID (i.e. Driver’s License/Passport/Senior Citizen Card), upon availment of the services covered by the aforementioned membership plan card agreement
  • No card, no availment policy applies
  • Membership is valid up to one(1) year from the date of registration
  • These cards are non-transferable once registered