FlexiMax - Medical Continuity Plan

An additional coverage that helps you pay your hospital bill for any illnesses, including catastrophic* and pre-existing conditions.

    • Offers financial security for your medical needs, whether you are employed, no longer connected with your current employer or unemployed
    • Pays the excess of your hospital bills for any illnesses, including charges for Emergency care and diagnostic procedures should it require confinement
    • An Annual Benefit Limit of Php 100 000.00
    • In – Patient Care benefits (including Pre-existing conditions), up to ABL, in all Maxicare affiliated hospitals
    • Daily medical cash allowance, amounting to Php 500.00 for a maximum of 15 days per policy year when primary diagnosis of the confinement (within the country) is due to pre-defined conditions**
    • Unlimited consultation in Maxicare – owned Primary Care Centers, located in some major hospitals, and selected mall – based clinics
    • Basic annual check – up at MyHealth Clinic
    • Ambulance Transfers
    • 20% discount on basic dental procedures at Metro Dental clinics and 15% discount on laboratory procedures at MyHealth Clinics

*Catastrophic Illness/Treatment: 1.) Cancer (at least Stage 1); 2.) Kidney Disease (Dialysis); 3.) Major organ transplant including heart, lung, liver, kidney and cornea
**Pre-defined conditions: 1.) Accidental Injuries; 2.) Insect/Animal Bites; 3.) Food Poisoning; 4.) Suffocation by smokes, fumes, gas or drowning; 5.) Chikungunya; 6.) Cholera; 7.) Dengue; 8.) Leptospirosis; 9.) Malaria; 10.) Pneumonia; 11.) Paratyphoid; 12.) Typhoid

    • Age Eligibility for Enrollment: 15 days to 65 years old
    • Age Eligibility for Renewal: 15 days to 65 years old
    • Enrollment Process: Completion and submission of the Electronic Registration Form for Individual Account
    • HR to submit Enrollee Master List for Group Account
    • Premium Mode of Payment: Annual
    • Membership Identification: e-Card
    • Room and Board Benefit: Semi – Private Room up to Php 1 250.00 per confinement day
    • Guaranteed Conversion: After at least two (2) consecutive years of Membership under the Corporate Plan, you may opt to renew your Membership as your own individual policy