FlexiMax - Family Medical Plan

A healthcare coverage that covers you and your family, and allows Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) to have health benefits even when outside the country.

  • Offers additional protection for you and your family, with benefits extended to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW)
  • A Family – shared Annual Benefit Limit of Php 50 000.00 per family at the start of the policy and may be increased up to Php 80 000.00 due to any of the following life events.

Recently gotten married – additional Php 5 000.00 benefit upon enrollment of the spouse,

provided with a Marriage Certificate

Birth of a newborn child – additional Php 5 000.00 benefit upon enrollment of the newborn child,   provided with a Birth Certificate

  • *Medical emergency coverage for doctor’s Professional Fee, emergency room fee, medicines used for immediate relief and treatment, laboratory and diagnostic procedures during your stay in an emergency care room

  • *Daily medical cash allowance, amounting to Php 500.00  for a maximum of 15 days per policy year when primary diagnosis of the confinement (within the country) is due to pre-defined conditions* (Cash allowance shall be applicable overseas if enrolled in the optional OFW benefit program of the plan)
  • *Ambulance transfers
  • *20% discount on basic dental procedures at Metro Dental clinics and 15% discount on laboratory procedures at MyHealth clinics.

*Pre-defined conditions: 1.) Accidental Injuries; 2.) Insect/Animal Bites; 3.) Food Poisoning; 4.) Suffocation by smokes, fumes, gas or drowning; 5.) Chikungunya; 6.) Cholera; 7.) Dengue; 8.) Leptospirosis; 9.) Malaria; 10.) Pneumonia; 11.) Paratyphoid; 12.) Typhoid

  • Age Eligibility for Enrollment: 15 days to 60 years old


  • Age Eligibility for Renewal: 15 days to 65 years old
  • Enrollment Process: Completion and submission of the Electronic Registration Form
  • Premium Mode of Payment: Annual
  • Membership Identification: e-Card
  • Room and Board Benefit: Semi – Private Room up to Php 1 250.00 per confinement day