Stretching at the Workstation

09/ 07/ 2016


No matter how well a workstation is designed, problems may arise if attention is not paid to the way the work is done. Working at a computer often involves very few changes in body position. This lack of movement can lead to muscle pain and strain.


What can be done to minimize strain?


  •  • Vary the work tasks. Try to stand up and move around.
  •  • Relax your muscles, stretch and change position.
  •  • Do not bounce, pull/push excessively, or lock your joints.  You should feel a stretch, but not pain.

• If you feel pain or severe discomfort, stop stretching. Ask your medical professional for advice.


Hand and Forearm Stretches


1. Start with your hand open. Then make a fist.


Hand1 Hand2

2. With your hand open and facing down, gently bend wrist from side to side, as far as possible. Hold for 3 to 5 seconds. Repeat 3 times.



3. Put your palms together, slowly lower wrists to the table until you feel a stretch. Keep your palms together throughout the stretch. Hold 5 to 7 seconds. Relax. Repeat 3 times


4. Grasp your hand and hold your fingers with the other hand. Slowly bend your wrist down until you feel a stretch. Hold for 3 to 5 seconds. Relax. Repeat 3 times. Then slowly bend your wrist up until you feel the stretch. Hold and relax as below


Hand5 Hand6

 Neck and Shoulder Stretches
1.Shoulder Shrug:Relieves tightness or tension in the shoulder and neck area.



 2. Shoulder Roll: Helps relax the shoulder muscles.

• Slowly roll your shoulders backward five times in a circular motion. Next, roll your shoulders forwards.


Neck 2

 3. Chest stretch: Place your hands behind your head, and squeeze your shoulder blades together.


Neck 3

 Back, Side and Leg Stretches

Back / Side Stretch:


• Interlace your fingers and lift your arms over your head, keeping the elbows straight. Press arms as far back as you can. To stretch your sides, slowly lean to the left and then to the right. In a similar way, you can also bring your arms in front of your body, or behind to stretch the shoulder blades and chest.



1 2 3





Back Curl (will also stretch your legs):


  •  • Grasp your shin. Lift the leg off the floor. Bend forward (curling your back), and reach your nose to your knee. Repeat with the other leg.


Backside 4


Hip stretch:


• Sit with one leg across the other. Place your arm or elbow on the outside of the crossed leg. Gently apply pressure, while looking the opposite way. Repeat with the other leg.


 Backside 5





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