Managing Money in Crisis Mode

09/ 07/ 2020

As people across the globe remain in survival mode during the COVID-19 crisis, securing your finances can seem nearly impossible. But there are ways you can stretch the money you have. In this time of great uncertainty, financial experts say the effects of COVID-19 may be out of your control, but you can bounce back if you have a game plan.

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MaxiLIFE Dance Fitness Party – Session 2

09/ 04/ 2020

Get your body groovin’ and achieve your fitness goals through fun dance cardio workouts! For our second session, get inspired by the amped-up beats, party vibe and sweat-dripping fun of Electronic Dance Music exclusively mixed by 808 Studio DJs!

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Steps Toward a Healthier Lifestyle (September 1, 2...

09/ 01/ 2020

The first step is always the hardest, but when you finally start to take that step, stride, or even that leap towards living your best, healthy life, everything else will follow!

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