The 5 Stages of Coping with Present Times

07/ 10/ 2020

This session will help us examine and understand the 5 stages of coping during these present times, while helping us find the tools and mechanisms to manage, survive and overcome the circumstances with our mental health intact.

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Nourishing Your Body With The Right Food (July 6, ...

07/ 06/ 2020

A healthy and balanced diet is the foundation for a strong and healthy body so you can keep on living your best life! Learn more about the important food groups, discover healthier food swaps, and how you can incorporate superfoods into your meals to top it all off.

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Flattening The Mental Health Curve In Our Workplac...

07/ 02/ 2020

Guiding your company through the new normal isn’t just about shielding them from the virus. It’s also about protecting their mental and emotional health as we all navigate through these unfamiliar times.
Join our well-being webinar for MaxiLIFE, with distinguished expert on Psychiatry and Mental Health, Dr. Edgardo Juan L. Tolentino, Jr.

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