20-Minute Tabata Core Workout

09/ 07/ 2016

  Whether you’re referring to a planet, fruit or human anatomy, the core is a vital, central component. Definitions of “core” often include words like “foundational” and “essential.” When it comes to the human body, the core is arguably the most important group of muscles. The following exercises can be done alone or at the […]

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The Best Flat Abs Moves for Men

09/ 07/ 2016

  Train for Flat Abs: Bicycle   You want four to eight key moves in each workout. Be sure to target the upper and lower abs, the oblique muscles along your sides, and the back. The “bicycle” is one of the best. Lie on your back and “pedal” in the air. Raise one shoulder as […]

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Stretching at the Workstation

09/ 07/ 2016

  No matter how well a workstation is designed, problems may arise if attention is not paid to the way the work is done. Working at a computer often involves very few changes in body position. This lack of movement can lead to muscle pain and strain.   What can be done to minimize strain? […]

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