Annual Benefit Limit (ABL)

Annual Benefit Limit – the maximum liability that Maxicare shall assume for all covered services rendered to a Member within the term of this Agreement. The covered services include inpatient benefits, outpatient benefits, preventive healthcare benefits and emergency...

Alternative Medicine

This is defined as therapeutic practices which are not currently considered an integral part of conventional allopathic medical practice. Alternative medicines include, but are not limited to the following disciplines: folk medicine, herbal medicine, diet fads,...


This Service Agreement, including all schedules, attachments, endorsements, addenda, Conforme Letter, Membership Application Form, and any other contracts or documents relevant to the relationship between the Member, Client and Maxicare.

Affiliated Physician or Specialist

A duly licensed physician or specialist affiliated by Maxicare and named in the list of Maxicare’s affiliated physician with whom Maxicare has made arrangements to provide the required services under this Agreement.

Affiliated Medical Staff

A group of medical practitioners and other allied health professionals who are affiliated and authorized by Maxicare to deliver the required Medical Services to Members.