We make it a point to assure our Members that they will get the finest healthcare possible whenever they need it, wherever they may be. 


Maxicare has continuously built strong partnerships with hospitals, medical and dental clinics, and doctors which resulted to the assurance of providing our Members the best and widest network of access, remaining steadfast in our commitment to ensure reliability and offer convenience.


Being the most trusted partner of known hospitals, excellence on healthcare service is guaranteed on top of priorities. Moreover, combined with the expertise of top – caliber doctors of varied field of specialization, superior quality of medical services is certain.


In Maxicare, we assure that our partner providers have a wide array of clientele as we have the biggest membership base of over a million (and continuously growing). Furthermore, we offer automated systems to guarantee hassle – free and fast processes such as in claims submission and payment. These are just part and parcel of Maxicare can offer to our affiliated providers for their utmost support in our endeavors.


Be one of the pillars of strength of Maxicare! Be an Affiliated Provider!


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